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Blog Host - Jacqueline Anne

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (71)

Today I have the beautiful US Author Jaqueline Anne with my once again, with yet another release, this time with Totally Bound.

She has written a Novella and it is due for publishing in Septemeber, but today she has a cover reveal For this Novella Make me Forget.


Make me Forget...

Bestselling romance author, Paige Mattheson, is experiencing the worst case of writer’s block. She hasn’t written a word in weeks and is struggling with the intimate scenes in her book. With deadlines quickly approaching, she goes on a weekend getaway to the beach to clear her head. She promises herself she will relax and find her true self again, along with some inspiration to see past her heartache and complete her novel.

Fun loving, Tyler Barrow, is vacationing in Montauk, New York. He is passionate about his career as a teacher and about surfing. When Tyler misses his original flight home, a miscommunication with the owner of the rental unit finds Tyler staring at a beautiful woman in his kitchen. He is instantly drawn to her and eager to find out why, even if it is only for the weekend.

Paige is initially annoyed by the naked intruder who has interrupted her quiet vacation. She sticks to the promise she made herself and tries to let go and have some fun.

Will Tyler be able to make Paige forget about her past? Will fate prove to be more than just a weekend fling even though they live on different ends of the earth?

Only time and a bestselling novel will tell.


Estimate release dates:

Pre-order - July 24

Early download for Totally Bound readers - August 7

General Release - September 4


About Jacqueline Anne

Struggling through health issues, I discovered my love for reading romances. Writing then became my escape and in some ways, a depiction of my spirit. I enjoy creating strong female characters who overcome hardships, reflecting on some of my own adversities, trials, and triumphs. The relationships are sweet and sexy with characters who embody discovery, lust, trust, happiness, and love.

I lead a full and exciting life in Northeast Ohio. I love to bake, create, workout, dance, and read. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. My life can attest to that. Work hard. Play hard. Live life to the fullest each and every day, doing it all in a pair of 4" heels ;). Who says you can't have it all?


Social Media:


Email: [email protected]



Amazon Author:







other books by Jaqueline can all be found on her author page on Amazon

Blog Host - Amara Lebel

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (148)

Today I have joining me on my blog Amara Lebel. Amara is a fellow Siren Author who is based in Ireland.

Amara writes for Siren's Man Love Collection, her second book in her Unrequited Trilogy, Betrayal, is released on Siren Publishing's Bookstrand website today.

BETRAYAL (The Unrequited Trilogy #2)

Release Date – 18th March 2015


Following the difficult trials leading to their newfound relationship, Tristan and Joshua thought things would get easier. They had fought their dark pasts together, and made a vow to never allow them to control their lives again.

Now a whole new kind of complication has arrived to test their loyalty and trust. A sexy complication in the form of Logan Mclean.

Lust, lies and emotions run rampant as the Scottish businessman wedges himself between the lovers. Have Tristan and Joshua truly laid the ghosts of their pasts to rest, or will they allow another’s desires to ruin everything? For in this ever growing world of emotion, one step can lead to either complete happiness, or an ultimate betrayal.



Story Excerpt

It had been over two weeks since Tristan Bailey had flown down to Ohio to retrieve his man. A fortnight spent in his arms, naked and sweating. Joshua was insatiable. He left Tristan weak and breathless each and every time they had sex. The man knew how to make him beg, groan and cry out in pleasure. Joshua Malone was a demon, his wicked mouth, talented hands, and beautiful cock all used to fry Tristan’s brain cells and turn him into a needy puddle of lust. Damn, the things that man had done to him. Half of it should be illegal, yet Tristan could not get enough! Joshua was an addiction.

Why, just this morning the sexy bastard had introduced him to his brand-new favorite game, “Dirty Would-You-Rather.” Who knew that depraving a childhood game could be so much fun? Each question asked had led to some serious admissions of dark fantasies, which led to hot and heavy fondling, which eventually led to a few rounds of who-can-fuck-the-hardest! Tristan groaned internally at the memory of Joshua bent over the edge of the bed, pert ass in the air as he fisted the lush rug, desperately trying to keep himself steady as Tristan fucked that gorgeously tight ass of his.

“Mr. Bailey?” Skye’s sugary voice pulled him from his sordid thoughts. The expression on her beautiful face telling him she was not amused. “What do you think about Mr. Mclean’s proposal?” She motioned across the table with her eyes, the threat of a slow death in them obvious. What was she so annoyed about?

With a frown, Tristan turned back toward the man in question. He was staring at him with an amused glint in his eyes. “Are ye back with us, Tristan?” The rough Scottish brogue went straight to his groin, stirring emotions in him that Tristan easily ignored. The guy was good-looking. Tall, dark and mysterious with wavy chestnut hair and green eyes. He had broad shoulders and a tight body which was emphasized by the cut of his grey suit, the wry smirk on his luscious lips alluring. Normally Tristan would have been all about seducing the gorgeous Scot, but now that he had Joshua, all else paled in comparison. Joshua owned him, body and soul, and Tristan would never do anything to jeopardize that, so Logan’s sex appeal dropped from a ten to non-existent.

“Forgive me. I think I returned to work too soon following my accident.” Rubbing the nape of his neck Tristan glanced from Logan to Skye, offering the latter an apologetic smile. Damn, he really needed to get his head in the game. How many more times today did he have to space out before his lovely assistant slapped him, hard? Glancing at Mclean, he smirked arrogantly. “Do you mind if we reschedule?” Skye rolled her eyes knowingly, but nodded as she began to pack away her notes.

Logan, however, looked less pleased. “Ye know I’ve tae be back home in two days’ time. After that, you’d be coming tae Arran tae see me.” He arched one dark brow, his thickly-lashed eyes never leaving Tristan’s face as he waited on a reply.

Fucking hell, he forgot all about Logan’s time restraint on this business trip. The man told them repeatedly that the deal would need to be carried out quickly, as he needed to return home as soon as possible. Asking him to remain another day was rude, but Tristan couldn’t seem to make himself care. He was selfish where Joshua was concerned, and as a businessman, Logan should be used to these kinds of delays.

“How about the same time tomorrow? I promise to have you at the airport on time.” Tristan prayed the Scot would agree, for there was no way in hell he was going to leave Joshua’s side for any length of time to go to Arran. Just being at the fucking office was murder.

Logan eyed him for a long, uncomfortable minute, those murky green eyes scanned his face for something, but Tristan didn’t know what. “Will the celebratory meal continue as planned tonight?”

Tristan nodded once. He had totally forgotten about that damn meal. There would be no delaying that, so hopefully Joshua would be free to attend with him.

“Okay, same time tomorrow, then. You’d better be here and ready tae do this, Bailey. See you later tonight.” Without another word, he stood and walked from the room, his silent assistant tight on his heels.

Heaving a sigh, Tristan sank back into his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose. What was wrong with him? There was nothing stopping them from signing the contracts now. Except his libido, that is.

“Logan, wait!”

But it was too late, the doors had closed and the two men were boarding the elevator. “Fuck’s sake! What is wrong with me?” Groaning, Tristan collapsed back into his chair. He was just waiting on Skye to give him an earful, but it didn’t come. Prying one eye open cautiously, he chanced her wrath. Yet, instead of the harpy he feared seeing, he found himself frowning at the smile curving her black-painted lips. “Ah, to be in love. How does it feel, boss man?”

Tristan closed his eyes again, ignoring her and earning a smack to the forehead. “Hey! That’s classed as abuse in the workplace. A sackable offense, I may add, Miss Thompson,” he drawled as he fixed his eyes on his assistant. It didn’t faze her in the slightest, however.

“What-to-the-ever, old man, now spill. Tell me all about your sexy soldier.” Tristan chuckled at her outburst as he sat up straighter, a fond smile curving his lips as thoughts of his Joshua drifted through his mind. “Where to start?”


©Amara Lebel. Siren Publishing, Ltd. 2014.






The Unrequited Trilogy

Denial, book #1

buy link



Tristan Bailey is a man who never takes no for an answer in anything he does or wants. Life treats him good as the CEO of his own airline, and one of New York's finest bachelors. Men and women alike fall at his feet, the world opens to him without complaint. There isn't much he desires. Until he lays eyes on Joshua, that is.

Death has become a living nightmare for Joshua Malone. No matter what he does, a past riveted with pain and destruction follows him and forces him to make life decisions he would rather not. Josh never wanted to be reminded of the heartache that loving someone could bring, but he finds himself struggling to deny Tristan's advances.

Two different worlds collide in a heated meeting of longing and lust. Can the inner fears of one be laid to rest by the newfound love for the other, or will they both be denied?




Tristan hated these goddamn fucking social events. So much so that he hadn't even bothered to ask what this one was in aid of. It was bad enough that he had to organize the damn thing never mind attend it. Why he even had to was beyond him. He was only the CEO of Bailey Airline after all, no one of great importance. Taking a deep breath he put on his happy facade, huge shit-eating grin in place, and finally allowed his introduction to be made. Head held high, Tristan Bailey descended the grand staircase into the ballroom below, every pair of eyes in the room on him. All he had to do was welcome everyone and praise the charity. Then he could leave.

As he stepped up onto the podium the crowd cheered. Lights flashed wildly as the photographers called out his name, vying for attention. Giving them what they wanted, Tristan kept the fake smile securely in place. He preened some for their enjoyment and winked at the cougars in attendance in order to curry their favors. Fuck, he hated that whorish behavior, yet it was expected of him. Finally getting serious, he addressed the room. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor to have you all here tonight on this special occasion. I do so hope you are ready to spend a ridiculous amount of money. After all, it is for a good cause." Tristan grinned wider as everyone clapped.

As the sound of his assistants sweet voice came over his earpiece Tristan smiled fondly. "Okay, Mr. Bailey, repeat after me." The girl was a life-saver. His rock.

"When I was asked to host this fundraising event tonight I jumped at the chance. I mean, who wouldn't want to participate and help out such an amazing cause?" As the crowd erupted in another round of cheers, Tristan gripped the ledge on the podium stand. "The AWAN Project was founded in order to raise awareness and empower wounded warriors. Veterans of wars past. Men and women who have risked their lives in order to save millions. Without their aid we may very well be living in a different world right now." Tristan straightened his spine before inclining his head in the direction of Mr. Thompson, a veteran of the Vietnam war. "I think it is about time we recognized this, and in turn do whatever we can in order to repay their kindness. Their sacrifices. No matter how small." Somewhere toward the back of the room someone whistled and clapped. "Hopefully tonight's auction will raise enough money to help those men and women who need it. Don't be shy now, ladies and gentlemen. It is for a great cause after all."

With another of his world-famous grins Tristan winked at one of the female reporters before stepping down from the podium. Such fickle people, fawning and swooning over his money. None of them were truly interested in the man he was, or the real reasons for this function in the first place. It was all about the size of a person's bank account, nothing more, and it was the main reason he hated doing these damn events. With a sigh, Tristan tucked his left hand into his pants pocket and made his way across the room to the bar, avoiding all conversation. He only needed to spend a half hour at the most pretending to be interested, then he could leave.

Rapping the top of the bar, he called for the barman's attention. "JD and coke please, and make it a double." Nodding once the barman went to retrieve the drink, returning quickly with the amber liquid and cold coke from the fridge. Thanking the younger man, Tristan walked away from the bar and found a quiet table to sit down at. Thirty minutes and then he could leave again. That was it, thirty minutes, his support would be given and witnessed by all. Glancing around the room his eyes began to roam the crowd of people in attendance. He smiled and nodded when appropriate, praying that no-one would come to speak to him. He hated this. Still lacking interest he surveyed the main entrance of the room, and when Tristan's eyes landed on the tall blond standing by the staircase his heart stopped. One word came to mind. Mine. A sudden unfamiliar surge of possession wrecked his body, leaving him shaken. He had to introduce himself. He needed to know who that was. Rising from his seat, he quickly made his way toward the beautiful blond.

"Yo, Bailey! How goes it, my man?"

At the sound of his cousin's voice Tristan stilled momentarily. He loved his cousin, he truly did, but the guy had a habit of getting him into trouble. The one and only reason he tended to avoid him. "Callum, how are you, cousin? It's been a while."

With a snort the slightly shorter, dark-haired man replied. "You're telling me. Two fucking years now. If I didn't know how much of a damn weirdo you are I would think you were avoiding my ass." Walking over, Callum grabbed him up in a big bear hug. The guy was huge, and freakishly strong, always had been. With a laugh, Tristan smacked him on the arm, growling to be released as the hired photographers for the nights fundraising event started snapping pictures. It wasn't as if people didn't know who the man embracing him was. They knew every goddamn detail of Tristan's life. He just preferred to keep some things private.

"Let me go, asshat. This will be all over the damn internet tomorrow." Smirking, Tristan nudged his cousin in the back. Callum dropped him with a laugh, causing Tristan to lose his footing. The grin on the other man's face said he'd done it on purpose. The fucker. Tristan glared as he smoothed his jacket back into place before turning in the direction of the staircase, cursing at the realization that he had lost the blond.


©Amara Lebel. Siren Publishing, Ltd. 2014.




Buy Links:

Siren BookStrand

Amazon UK -

Amazon US -

Barnes & Noble -


Bookworld -




Author Bio:

Amara Lebel is a new author from a small town in Ireland where she lives with her hubby and gorgeous family. A huge fan of all things male, and considering that she is a little perverted, she often found herself lost in her own depraved mind. Fantasizing about steamy scenes of male love, sensual encounters, and so much more. With a little encouragement she eventually put pen to paper, and now takes pride in sharing her erotic stories of forbidden lust and enchanted romance with her fellow depraved sensualists.



Email: [email protected]


Author Website:

Siren BookStrand:









Blog Host - Emma Anderson

Posted on March 16, 2015 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (4478)

Today I welcome to my blog a Multi Published Australian author, Emma Anderson. Her new book, the first of a new series called The Fall of the Four Horseman, is titled Devil Takes His Innocent. It is Emma's first book to be published with Canadian publishers, Evernight Publishing, and was released a few days ago. I must say ona personal note...what a stunning front cover!



Devil Torments is a vampire living in a world where one man’s weakness paves the way for another man’s gain. When a gambling addict offers his daughter as payment for his debt, Devil accepts. Sex without strings is exactly the way he likes it. Love is a concept for fools, the ultimate weakness. Little does he know, he’s about to meet his mate…


In order to protect her best friend, nurse Gabby Winters must bow to her abusive father’s demands and offer her innocence to a stranger. She never expected to feel anything, let alone find herself irrevocably tied to the man. But can Gabby learn to accept that Devil’s scars run deep, and the love she’s spent her life secretly yearning for is forever out of reach?


If Devil thought that keeping Gabby at arm’s length would keep either of them safe, he was dead wrong. When danger lands at Gabby’s feet, it’s up to Devil to pick up the pieces. Will he come to realize that love isn’t a weakness and Gabby is his greatest strength, before it’s too late? Or will he lose the most precious gift of all?




“What the fuck!” Devil shouted once the woman had left the office. To say he was furious would have been an understatement. Murderous thoughts ran wild through his mind.


“Who the hell told you she was a call girl?”


“I’ll give you one guess.”


“That asshole Harrison.”


Devil picked up the photo Jeffrey Harrison had given him. Only this time, his eyes saw something they had failed to earlier. The picture depicted the same woman from tonight minus the makeup. Her beauty and innocence shone through. How could he have missed it?


His murderous thoughts changed slightly. Instead of just killing Jeffrey Harrison, he planned on torturing the asshole first. What kind of father would sell their innocent daughter to pay off his gambling debts? No matter what sins he had committed, and the list was long, Devil knew that he would never contemplate such a thing. Yes, Jeffrey Harrison would pay for his crimes, and Devil would be the judge, jury, and executioner.


Though Devil had to concede that Jeffrey Harrison wasn’t the only one responsible for what had happened tonight. Devil had been just as responsible. He had been so wound up lately, that he hadn’t taken the time to appreciate this beautiful woman for what she was. Had he done so, he no doubt would have recognized the signs of inexperience and sent her away before he ruined her. Or at least recognized what she wasn’t, a call girl. He too needed to make amends, only it was for his stupidity and impatience.


As soon as he had seen the woman, he had become hard. It had been a long time since his cock had appreciated a woman so instantly. Her curves were on display in that tight little dress she wore. He’d dragged her into his hotel room, desperate to hide her amazing body from passersby. He wanted to be the only one to view such a delicious sight. She reminded him of the women from his youth. They enjoyed their food too much to worry about what they looked like. He rued the day that body image became an important factor in a woman’s life. Now, the first woman to pique his interest in a long time, and look at the way he had treated her. It was an error he would make amends for, but first he needed more information.


“I say you get that fucker on the phone and let’s hear what he has to say for himself,” Viper said, his fae yellow eyes coming to the forefront, highlighting what his body language failed to. He was pissed. He was known as Viper because he struck his prey hard and fast; they never knew what hit them until it was too late.


Devil followed Viper’s advice, and a few seconds later a ringing tone could be heard through the phone’s speaker. “Hello,” came the wary greeting.




“Um, yes, Mr. Torments. Was there a problem with Gabriella?” The man’s question had Devil emitting a low, menacing growl.


“Yes there’s a problem. She’s not a call girl like you insinuated.”


“Um, yes, well,” the man muttered down the phone.


“What did you tell her to get her here?” Devil demanded.


“The truth! It’s not like she’s innocent,” the man scoffed.


“What the hell did she ever do to you to gain such disregard?” Devil asked, furious at this man’s attitude toward Gabriella.


“She existed,” the man replied with venom in his voice. “Do you have any idea how difficult she made my life once my wife found out about her? Her presence all but killed my wife.”


Hearing enough of this man’s viciousness, Devil stated, in a voice that left no room for argument, “Tell me everything you know about her! Then you will stay out of her life. You will have to clear your debt with us without using your daughter any further. Do I make myself understood?”


The truth was, the money meant very little to him at the moment. Revenge was the only course of action in Devil’s mind. By the end of the phone call, he had this guy’s slow death all planned out. But first he needed to make things right with Gabriella. She deserved nothing less, and so much more.




Buy Links



A little about Emma Anderson

A little about myself

One day my prince charming came along. He just took a wrong turn, got lost, and was too stubborn to ask for directions. Well that was how my first date ended up with a special man, who is now my husband. Yes, you read correctly, I married him and haven’t regretted a minute. Thirteen years later, I have two wonderful boys (three if you include hubby, which I often do) and I’m following my dreams of writing romance books with HEAs, thanks to my supportive family.

I started writing several years ago. Mainly children’s books for my boys. Those will probably never get published. Then to quote Martin Luther King, “I had a dream!” As a rule I never remember my dreams, but this one I did, and I wrote it down. And the rest as they say is history. I currently have five books published and another due out in the next couple of weeks. At this stage they are all paranormal. What can I say? I love the big predatory mythological creatures so to offer them their own happy ever after was the least I can do.

Other books by Emma are available at Bookstrand:

Reader’s email: [email protected]

Author’s email: [email protected]





Goodreads:" target="_blank">

Manic Readers:



Blog Host - Suzy Shearer

Posted on March 7, 2015 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (266)

Today I have joining me on my blog Suzy Shearer, a multi-published author from Australia.Suzy is celebrating the release of her new book, Her Cravings Mastered, which is the 2nd book in the Dark Desires series.




Her Cravings Mastered - released 7th March. There is 15% discount until 14th March.




[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, shibari, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

When Jessica Williams escaped an abusive relationship with a sadistic Dom in her late twenties, she vowed to never get involved with dominant men again. For the past fifteen years she has never had a relationship. Instead she dates meek, mild, safe men who she knows can never satisfy her—but at least she knows they can’t dominate her.

Estranged from her father, haunted by her past, filled with fear—can she ever learn to trust again, to love again?

But now she has met Aiden Dowling—a confident, attractive Dom.

Can she allow one man to control her again and hope that he won’t abuse that trust?

Jessica has buried the pain, the humiliation, and the abuse so deep even she won’t believe it. Now she has to decide whether it’s time to either come face to face with her fears and her past or else ignore the chance of happiness Aiden offers.


For your chance to win an ecopy of Her Cravings Mastered plus an ecopy of book 1- Whipped Delights - just check out the rafflecopter at the end of this post.



“Ah, Ms. Williams.”

A man stood.

Jessica felt it immediately as he moved from behind an enormous desk, to stand in front of her, his hand outstretched. He moved toward her and as she grasped his hand she felt a shock of electricity.

“Lovely to meet you.” His voice was deep, rich and very sexy. “I'm Aiden Dowling.”

She licked her lips as she shook his hand and said 'hello'.

Suddenly she had the urge to take the pins holding the tight severe bun in place and shake her hair free. To undo the buttons on her crisp white shirt. He was sex in the flesh and she was reacting all the way from her toes to her hair. Between her legs, a sudden ache developed and she knew she was getting wet just seeing him.

Aiden Dowling towered over her, he looked to be around 6'8. She knew from the company website that he was fifty-two but he looked younger. She could see he was muscular. His body had that grace of a well-toned athlete. His hair was cut short at the back and sides but the top was longer with a cowlick that fell forward. She had the urge to brush it from his forehead. His face had a rugged beauty. This man wasn't classically handsome instead he exude power, strength and confidence. He had a chiselled jaw, a firm chin. Although he was clean shaven, there was a hint of a 'five o'clock' shadow.

But it was his eyes that held Jessica spellbound.

They were pale green and Jessica felt they saw her as she truly was. They tore passed the cool facade she wore and instead delved deep into her soul.

It shook her.

The power he exuded was on so many levels—business, confidence, domination and sexuality.

This man would take no prisoners. He would over-power any opposition. He would stalk his prey and make them his own.

Jessica knew instantly that she had just become his prey.

He led her to a setting of low slung sofas and asked her to sit. She felt trapped. She felt this was beyond her control and from this point onward her life would never be the same. They both sat, Jessica putting her case alongside her seat. A knock on the huge doors and the stern woman entered with a tray. She poured out coffee for Aiden and then one for Jessica before setting the tray on a table and leaving the room.

“So Ms. Williams I'm looking forward to working with you.”

Jessica was sure there was a double meaning to his simple sentence. She smiled and tried to look relaxed despite her heart beating so fast.

“And exactly what is it that you need Hard Bytes for Mr. Dowling?”

“Aiden. Please called me Aiden.”

She acknowledge his request with a nod. As she watched he immediately slipped into business mode.

“I'm concerned about the safety of our designs. Recently another company produced plans so similar to ours that I wondered if we'd been compromised. I don't have to tell you that in this, and any business, espionage is alive and well.”

“Do you suspect one of your staff or are you concerned with your actual computer security.”

“The computers.”

“Okay. My staff and I will need access of course. I have prepared a contract for you to read, basically it says we promise not to reveal anything to anyone but you and-or your nominees. We also promise to advise you of all security problems we discover and suggestions on how to solve them. If you choose not to take our advice and are in anyway compromised, basically then that's your problem.”

She opened her briefcase and pulled out the document, handing it across to him.

“I'll get my legal team to look over it.”

“I'm guessing you want us to start as soon as possible?”

“Of course. I'll arrange for security passes for you and your team.”

“Can you hang off on that? One of the first things we like to do is see just how secure your building is. I know you have guard at the front gate, how do your staff enter?”

“There’s a separate entrance for staff. They have swipe cards. They are logged in and out the building. Any doors have a swipe security lock. The cards have a photograph of the employee, their name. Each one has both a barcode on it and the magnetic security strip for door access.”


“We also have smart cards for those who work in specialised areas. So those employees, as well as having the swipe technology on their card, also have a memory chip embedded into them for additional security.”

“I have something to start with then. Do you have the details of your computer systems? I asked your CEO, Trevor Ward to have them when we arranged the appointment.”

He pointed to a folder on the table.

“All in there.”

“Thank you.”

Jessica took a mouthful of coffee. She noticed her hands were unsteady. This man was getting under her skin. He looked over his coffee cup at her and she was sure he knew exactly how she was reacting to him. She took another mouthful and put the cup down, picking up the folder.

Opening it, she glanced down at the contents. Everything she'd asked for was there. For her own safety she wanted to get out there as quickly as possible.

“I'll ring Trevor and arrange things with him.”

“No. I'll give you my number.” Jessica looked at him startled then dropped her eyes. “You’ll deal directly with me Ms. Williams.” The look he gave her was dominating.

“I’ll be in charge.”

In the pit of her stomach, Jessica felt a sudden jolt at those four innocent words. Visions of lying bound underneath him flashed across her mind. She could almost feel his hands running across her naked body. She bit her lips and knew she had flushed.

She looked at him. He raised an eyebrow and gave a slow sexy smile.

He knew!



Suzy is single and lives in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia with one very spoiled dog and two equally spoiled cats to keep her company. Her books always feature older heroes and full-figured, curvy heroines; ranging from mid 40s to 60s.

She believes that being older does not mean we are not intriguing, desirable, open to challenges and willing to experiment. Sexy isn't just for the under 30s.


When she is not writing, she is painting. An accomplished Artist, her passion is watercolours and her subject matter ranges from portraits and animals to nudes and seascapes.

Oh yes … she also has a penchant for crazy coloured hair - pinks, purples and even rainbowed - and for tattoos!

Email: [email protected] Art website:


The Club: Bound The Club 2: Uncollared

The Club 3: Waxed The Club 4: Displayed

The Club 5: Submit The Club 6: Unmasked

Daemons Are Forever A Hunter's Heart - Book 1 The Hunters

A Hunter’s Choice -Book 2 The Hunters Build a Love

Whipped Delights - Book 1 Dark Desires



Vol 1 - The Club (Bound and Uncollared)

Daemons Are Forever

A Hunter's Heart - Book 1 The Hunters

A Hunter’s Choice - Book 2 The Hunters



Vol 2 - The Club (Waxed and Displayed) (Apr/May 2015)

Vol 3 - The Club (Submit and Unmasked) (May/Jun 2015)

Build a Love (June/July 2015)

Whipped Delights (Sept/Oct 2015)

Her Cravings Mastered (Nov/Dec 2015)

Blog Host - Bella Settarra

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (96)

Today I have Bella Settarra joining me talking about her new release Red Night Wrangler, the second book in The Men of Moone Mountain Series.


Red-Light’ Wrangler by Bella Settarra

‘The Men of Moone Mountain’ Book 2


Can a bad reputation hide a good heart?


After realizing everyone he has been with only wanted him for his money, Rich Buchanan, the billionaire’s son, gives up the dream of a serious relationship and gets his kicks sleeping around. He prefers men, but he only brings home women, since his father would be horrified to find out Rich was gay. But secrets are hard to keep among the rich, and his antics soon earn him the nickname “The Red-Light Wrangler” when people discover that money exchanges hands whenever he sleeps with a guy.

When Nate Walker starts work as Assistant Foreman at the Buchanan Ranch, his good looks and gorgeous body immediately pique Rich’s interest. And despite the gossip, Nate can’t help falling for him, either. But when Rich’s cousin Joey decides to blackmail Rich to pay off his debts, he soon realizes he could get much more out of the situation. Outing his gay cousin and causing a rift between Rich and his father could be just the thing to secure his own position as Frank Buchanan’s sole heir.

Rich has no one to turn to but his lover. But Nate has secrets of his own, and his reasons for being at the ranch are not entirely honorable...


Story Excerpt


“Sorry to hear about your dad, Rich.” Kent Freeman, the Deputy Sheriff, stood there with a grim expression on his face. “Mind if I come in?”

Rich stood back, allowing the tall, handsome guy into his house. He had expected him to go straight into the office, but Kent turned into the sitting room where his eyes went directly to the small table. Shit!

Rich felt his stomach lurch as Kent stared down at the note. “This arrive today?”

“Yeah. I just found it in the mailbox.” Rich frowned. He had expected Kent to be surprised by the note, but he seemed to take it in his stride.

“Mind if I get it fingerprinted?” Kent asked, not even touching the paper.

Rich shrugged. “Be my guest. You know who it’s from?”

Kent sighed as he put on a glove before placing the note in a plastic bag he pulled from his back pocket. “Do you?”

“I’ve got my suspicions,” Rich replied.

“Let me guess. Your cousin Joey or Cole Jackson?”

Rich gawped at him. “How in hell do you know that?”

“You should’ve come to us right at the beginning,” Kent admonished. “Could’ve saved everyone a lot of time and trouble.”

“You took Cole Jackson in about the poisoning, said you couldn’t pin anything on him,” Rich reminded him. “Anything after that would just sound like sour grapes.”

“We didn’t know about your cousin trying to blackmail you. Or Dan Robertson’s involvement.” Kent looked at him, shaking his head.

Rich sighed. “Kent, you know how it is. I’m gay, man. Dad’ll go mad if he finds out. I’ll lose everything.” He slumped into the nearest armchair, and Kent followed suit in the one opposite.

“Being gay ain’t a crime, Rich, but blackmail is. And so is poisoning horses.”

“I know, but Dad won’t see it that way. He’ll disown me, I know he will. Joey knows it, too.”

“That’s what he’s banking on,” Kent agreed. “But you’ve lost half your livestock because of this. And if you can’t prove you didn’t do it yourself you won’t even get the insurance pay out.”

Rich took a swig of his whiskey. “So, will this prove I didn’t do it?” He gestured to the note which the deputy had put in his pocket.

Kent Freeman shook his head. “Nope. I’m afraid it just gives you a motive.”




Bella Settarra Biography

Bella Settarra began writing for a living on 1st January 2014 after having to give up her full-time job due to the after-affects of breast cancer. She has always had a positive outlook and saw this as an opportunity to do what she really wanted to do with her life - write.

She has always enjoyed writing but had never actually submitted anything for publication before. After undergoing a rather gruelling and depressing medical procedure, her husband agreed to take her to a reader-writer event, which is where she met lots of other authors who encouraged her to try writing for a publisher. The event, aptly named ‘Smut by the Sea’ was mainly for authors of Erotic Romance and Erotica, something Bella had never contemplated writing before. However, on the long journey home she started to write a short story which grew into a novella. An author-friend offered to critique the first chapter for her and told her to send it to a publisher as she thought it was really good. The book was accepted shortly after and ‘Last of the Sirens’ became the first novel of a series of six!

After that series, ‘Sirens and Sailors’, she went on to write Cowboy Romances, which she loves. She currently has two cowboy series, ‘The Men of Moone Mountain’, and the more conventional ‘Midnight in Montana’.

Although still writing her cowboy stories, she wanted to write a story about people who work in a restaurant, which is a subject close to her heart. When she was younger, Bella wanted to go to University to study English in order to become a writer, but was told she couldn’t go, so was persuaded to go to the local Catering College instead. Although she didn’t much enjoy cooking, she loved working in the restaurant and went on to get several waiting on jobs before running a restaurant herself. She loved the camaraderie of the staff, and the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of waiting on. She has finally combined both her loves by writing a series, ‘Collar and Cuffs’ which follows the staff working in the restaurant of a swanky BDSM club – sex and food, what more can you ask for? LOL ;) The first book in this series, ‘Waiting on Summer’ released on 13th February 2015.

She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them, and would love readers to connect with her at or on facebook.

Bellas Bio



Bella lives in the beautiful Shropshire countryside in the grounds of a large arable farm. Living in an old, haunted housed means that her housework is never done as the ghost keeps moving things around – the bedroom isn’t the only place where things go bump in the night ;)

Open top cars and country music are among Bella’s favourite things and her fondness of shopping is only surpassed by her love of Châteauneuf-du-pape.

She has always written stories and poems, but only started to write professionally in 2013 when she had to give up work as the long hours were not conducive to the after-effects of her breast cancer. Not one to give up, Bella saw the career change as a golden opportunity to follow her life-long dream of becoming an author, and has written a variety of novels including the “Sirens and Sailors” series (Siren Publishing) and “Ménage on Moone Mountain” (Etopia Press).

Her bi-line is “Relish in Raunchy Romance”, and her writing categories include M/F Romance, M/M/ Romance, Ménage (M/F/M and M/M/F), and light BDSM. She writes in various genres; her latest books are cowboy romances, whereas her previous series were futuristic/mythical stories. She is also currently working on a series centered on the staff working in a BDSM club.

Whatever the setting or genre, you can guarantee that in Bella’s books there will always be a certain amount of adventure, some humor along the way, lots of romance and, of course, some raunchy action in (or out of) the bedroom!

Bella would love to hear from her readers. Connect with her at:

[email protected]




Blog Host - April Zyon

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Today I have joining me on my blog April Zyon, multi-published author for Evernight Publishng.



When handed the Intel on a potential threat Martin Carver had no idea it would be what led him back to the town of his birth. At age nineteen he’d left Massey, Texas in his dust. But now when the life of someone he loves being threatened even the claustrophobic town won’t keep him from protecting her. And God help those after her.

Taking over her father’s practice had always been in the cards for Athena Rhodes. What she didn’t expect was to take over from him was the baggage that came along with the business. Law abiding woman that she is, Athena reaches out to get some help. Not in the cards was having the only man to ever hold her heart walk through the door, and tell her he was there to get her out from under the mob.

Everyone has always believed Martin to be the classic do-gooder. Building homes in third world countries, off saving the whales from drilling platforms, or any number of stories that have filtered through Massey through the years. To find out every single one of those stories were nothing more than fairy tales is one thing, to find out he’s actually an FBI agent will take some getting used to.

Athena’s running out of time, the mob having set a time limit on what they require her to do. If she fails to follow their demands to the letter it will mean her father’s life. Unsure what to do she will lean heavily on Martin, and hope he doesn’t let her fall.

The clock is against them to keep the woman Martin loves and her dad safe. He’ll do whatever it takes to end the threat rising against them. Because he’s got an all or nothing plan. What could go wrong?


County Line

Massey, Texas

He didn’t know how long he’d been sitting there staring at the sign announcing, “Welcome to Massey, TX Population 5,609 and growing!” but the hood under his ass was cooling, and the sun had reached its highest point. Hell, it was starting the slow slide toward the horizon.

It had been a long, long time since he’d been home. The last time he’d been there he’d flown in for his pop’s funeral, stuck around for the meal, and then got the hell out of Dodge. Since then, he hadn’t been home once. He called, though, every single weekend right after his mother had finished breakfast on Sundays. They would chat for exactly one hour and fifteen minutes. No more, no less. The woman always had enough gossip to fill that time, so he rarely had to say much of anything.

Yet, here he was. Staring into the abyss of the quintessential small town. Ranches and farms spread out as far as the eye could see and beyond. Nestled in the middle was Massey. His hometown, and the place he’d burned rubber to get away from the moment he’d turned eighteen. Unlike his brothers, Martin had always hated coming back. To him, it had felt claustrophobic. Whether from his family’s expectations, or from his own uncertainty about the future, he didn’t know.

This time was no different. So, there he was, sitting on the hood of his ‘66 Mustang. While she maintained her shape, he’d given her a few tweaks over the years. A new paint job when he was eighteen, and a new hemi engine when he was twenty-two. There were a few other not exactly legal additional elements to Eris, named after the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. His brothers had actually named his car, but he’d let it stick. Hell, he’d even gotten a little name plate that was attached to the dashboard right over the speedometer.

Martin shook his head, leaning back on his hands as he continued to stare in the direction of the town. He remembered back in high school a rumor Frank had told him about. His older brother had apparently also started it, but he denied it with a smirk every single time Martin confronted him.

According to the “rumor,” if a girl managed to talk Martin into taking her out a date, she prayed he’d be driving Eris. If he showed up in his pop’s old pickup truck, then she knew she would be getting walked to the front door, given a peck on the cheek, and he’d promptly leave to never call her for another date. But if he showed up in Eris, the girl would be getting a tour of the backseat, on her back, and things would be a rocking.

Not once had Martin ever taken a girl out in Eris. There’d been one he’d thought about, right before leaving town for good, but she’d been too young, and he definitely hadn’t needed that sort of thing to follow him or her around for the rest of their days.

Athena Rhodes. Named for the virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts, and literature. A more perfect name for the woman in question there never would be. She’d always had an ethereal quality about her, always thinking before leaping, and was the one woman who still had him jolting up out of bed in the middle of the night from the dreams she starred front and center in.

Not the teenage version of Athena Rhodes either. Nope, he knew exactly what she looked like as of four weeks ago. Hell, he even had her photo in the folder sitting on the passenger seat of his car. The rest of what was in the folder was why he was there, despite digging in his heels with the director of the FBI. Fucking bastard found it funny that Martin didn’t want to go home for a visit and deal with the trouble Athena found herself in. In the director’s mind, it was two birds, one stone. In Martin’s, it was a colossal fuck up in the making. Especially if Athena was anywhere near it.

Athena, bane of his existence. She’d been just starting to come into the woman she would one day be when he’d left Massey. Now she was more than he could ever have imagined. Five-foot-seven, long, rich red hair the color of a wine with hints of copper and strawberries. Green eyes that could lighten with amusement or darken like a coming storm. Athena had the stereotypical redhead temper, though he knew from his mother’s gossip she rarely showed it any more. So she’d gotten it under control. Should be interesting to test that theory.

Pale golden skin, just a hint of a tan, with a smattering of freckles over her nose and upper curve of her cheeks. A slightly rounded face with amazing bone structure, straight nose, slightly pointed chin, gave her face a heart-shaped look. A long ,elegant neck he’d imagined nibbling on in his quest to discover if there were freckles anywhere else on her body. His dreams said yes, but Martin didn’t think he’d really ever find out.

To top off his perfect woman’s image, Athena had some meat on her bones. She was built like a woman, sturdy, and not like one of those twigs from Hollywood that would blow over if you sneezed in their direction. She was, quite literally, his dream woman given form. Or maybe, he should say, she was the woman of his dreams, if only he had the nerve to tell her.

His other problem with the woman. She got him all twisted up inside, and turned him into a babbling fool. Or she had. Martin really hoped she still didn’t have that particular effect on him. ‘Cause that would just be the fucking icing on the cake for this whole damned trip.

The sound of an engine pulled his attention back, and he let out a sigh when the truck got close enough for him to recognize it. All the time in the world seemed to have passed, and the damn pickup truck that was used around the Carver Ranch was still exactly the same. Squinting slightly at the reflection off the windshield, he waited for his brother to swing it around and park it behind the Mustang.

The crunch of boots to gravel told him where his big brother was, yet still, he waited. Only when the other man slid onto the hood next to him did he give a nod. “Frank,” he said quietly.

“Martin.” That was it, nothing else.

Course they didn’t really need to say much of anything else. Despite rumors to the contrary, ones sort of started by him, he and Frank had worked together more than once. They even talked on a fairly regular basis. While Frank had worked for a different branch, and under different mandates for the US government, Martin had always been his brother’s contact inside the bureau.

“Eris is looking good,” Frank said after another ten minutes of silence.

“She held up well on the drive. Only got a bit cranky with me outside of Dallas. But a quart of oil and she was purring like an overgrown kitten again.”

Frank snorted out a laugh at that. “I can’t believe you still have her.”

“Dude, she’s family. Quit trash talking my car.”

Hands up, Frank cracked a grin. A real grin. As in teeth and everything. While Martin was staring in shock, he missed what his brother was saying. “What? Sorry.”

“I asked you how long you plan on sitting out here. According to Willard, you’ve been here since eight this morning. It’s now nearly two in the afternoon.”

Heaving a sigh, Martin shoved his hands through his pale blond hair. Out of all the Carvers, his was the lightest in color, but his eyes were the darkest. The oddities of the familial gene pool. “Working up the nerve to drive across the county line is all.”

“Uh-huh. You do know that Mama’s already heard you’re here. And the fact you are sitting here, and not at her kitchen table where she can smother you with all that built up motherly love, means you are in seriously deep shit, little brother.”

Martin winced at that. Yeah, his mama would hug him, weep all over him, and then likely bean him with her rolling pin. Theresa Carver was in no way a pushover. She might play the part occasionally to lure the unaware in close, but then she struck. She could make a grown man in a full rage cry like a little girl in under two minutes. Without even batting a lash. She was that good.

“So, what has you here?” Frank asked.

Normally, he wouldn’t discuss it, but Frank still held his beyond top secret clearance level, and likely would as long as he was still breathing. “Athena Rhodes, or rather her dirty, lowdown scoundrel of a father.”

Frank’s head whipped around to look his way. “Shit. You got handed that one?”


“Well fuck me.”

Yup. Pretty much Martin’s exact thoughts on the matter.


A small aside about the series, Massey Texas, from the author...

I’ve always been fascinated with Cowboys. I know, most people are but to me there is just something super sexy about a man who is willing to work his ass off for a living. Something that’s incredibly hot about a man who knows how to work the land with his own hands.

When I originally started Massey Texas with Rhys Hollister and Gwen Baker I never dreamed that one of the families central to the story would stand up and take center stage, but they did. The Carver Family stood out pretty much from the get go in this series and they had to have their stories told.

Massey Texas has been a wonderful thrill-ride fro me, each time the characters spoke they tended to throw me for a loop, so to speak, and I loved every single moment of it.

While I’m tentatively ending this series at this book, the 9th in the series, it doesn’t mean that I will never revisit it one day in the future. After all, there were a couple of babies born to the Carver family that might eventually need their stories told!

I truly hope that you have all enjoyed the Massey Texas series as much as I have, and I hope that you will continue to read the books that I put out as either April Zyon, or Honor James.

~~~ Peace and love my friends, and be good to each other!

April Zyon (Also known as Honor James)

Author Website:




Reader Group:



Blog Host - Abbie Carlisle

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Today I have fellow Brit Abbie Carlisle joining me on my blog to celebrate the release of her new book Jonah's Salvation the second story in her The Order of the Mist series



Alana Bayer has lived a life no one should have to suffer. Imprisoned, her life is no more than an empty existence. The love she once knew is a distant memory until her heart is awakened by a tall, handsome stranger, but can she trust him? If she does, will it cost her the one thing she’s been trying to protect for years?

Jonah, the First Lord of The Mist, knows nothing but protecting his race. He doesn’t want or need a female in his life and has learnt that love only causes pain. Everything changes when he’s captivated by the beautiful female of his dreams. Can he forgive her enough to love her? As the war with The Phoenix League grows stronger, Jonah must do whatever it takes to protect the one who has stolen his heart. Even if it costs him his life.




As Alana turned, she froze, her heart leaping to her throat as she stared at the enormous male standing across the room. Harvey’s stare bore into her as she jumped back against the closed door. Her heart thumped hard in her chest and she could feel the hard wood of the door against her back. His arms crossed over his chest and the firm line of his taut jaw told her that he was angry.

“Where were you?” His tone was sharp and laced with hostility.

“None of your goddamn business.” Alana didn’t care for his tone. Didn’t care for him at all. As far as she was concerned, he had no rights over where she went.

“Why were you out so long?” He knew she wouldn’t tell him but he still wanted to know where she’d been.

Alana stared at him as she felt the heat of her anger grow from the pit of her stomach. “Like I said, it’s none of your business what I do or where I go, as long as it’s as far away from you as I can get. Please leave!”

“You know I can stop you leaving whenever I want. It wouldn’t take much to convince you and you know how I’d do it.” Harvey smirked.

“I stay because I have to, not because I want to. I want you to leave. Now!” She felt sick with his threat and began to shake with anger as he moved toward her.

“I could stay here all night if you let me. We could have some fun.” He moved closer to her until he stood, towering over her. He inhaled her scent as he stared into her alluring brown eyes.

Alana stiffened as she felt him press against her. The firm line of his abs brushed against her body, making her stomach turn. Wincing, she felt the strong muscles of his legs hold her in place. She hated his excited scent that seemed to emanate all around her as he lowered his head toward her face. She turned away so he couldn’t get close enough for her to feel his breath on her skin.

He repulsed her. The feel of his hand brushing lightly over the inside of her coat and up the slim curve of his waist made her stiffen. She froze as he swept his hand over her neck to grasp her jaw, forcing her face toward his.

“You know you belong to me, don’t you? You can never leave, so why not just give in?” His confident tone made her stomach turn.

“Never, you disgust me!” She struggled to try and release from his grasp but he was too strong.

“Come on, it would be fun. You know how you excite me.” The fun of the chase made his cock throb.

Alana pushed at him with every amount of rage that had built inside her. The feel of his arousal had infuriated her and she wanted nothing more than to impale her knee straight into his groin.

Harvey smiled as he stepped backward.

Cool air brushed between them, making Alana inhale deeply at the release of his intense restraint. She hated the way he wanted her. His confidence that she would relent irritated her as she stared at him. He was becoming more physical in his demand for her and his threat had terrified her. Not that she would ever let him know that.

“Just leave. It’s never going to happen, so just get over it.” Her hatred for him grew stronger every moment he was near her.

Harvey’s smile widened. She was so much fun to tease. Anything worth having was worth waiting for. He stepped back to allow her to move away from the door. The thought of her soft, satin skin beneath him would be so sensual that he couldn’t help but growl. He would bide his time. One day she would relent, and she was definitely worth the wait.

Alana moved to the right and walked across the room. She glanced over her shoulder to see Harvey reach for the door handle and pull the door open. He turned and smiled at her, making her skin crawl as he winked and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

The male was vile. She wrapped her arms around herself. She would have fought him if he’d tried to kiss her, suddenly feeling sick at the thought. He would never give up as long as she remained at the Headquarters and that made her desire to help The Order even more resolute.

She turned and walked toward the French style doors and stared out of the long glass panes. She knew James was down below as she stood solemnly at the window. Jonah would be there soon. She just wished that he’d forgiven her enough to help her escape her hell. Tomorrow she knew she would need him, especially if she ran into the guards. Life was about to change and she knew her choice to help The Order had been the right one. She just hoped they could find what she was looking for and fast.


“I don’t want you to move. I want to undress you and touch every inch of your body but you are not to touch me. I want to please you until you cry out my name and beg me to fuck you.” Jonah’s gaze was filled with fire for his female and his desire for her pleasure had his cock as hard as steel.

Alana lay and watched as Jonah stood from the end of the bed and pulled his top over his head. His huge shoulders engulfed his frame and she wanted desperately to jump up and run her hands over his muscular chest. His flawless, toned abs had her insides clenching and it felt like a torment to not be able to trace each line with her mouth. She wanted to touch him, taste every ripple of his toned body down to his cock.

As Jonah kicked off his shoes, he pulled off his sweats and boxers.

Alana gazed at the stunning length of his desire. Her breath panted at the thought of taking him in her mouth and encasing it all the way to the back of her throat. Alana knew that Jonah was teasing her as he held the shaft in his hand and gently ran his hands up and down the length. The thought of feeling him buried deep inside her had her skin blazing.

Jonah leaned forward and ran his hands over her thighs. The feel of her slim legs felt delicious under his hands as he moved up her body and over her hips. She was so small against his immense size. Moving his hands across her waist he lifted the end of her t-shirt and pulled it upward, over her head and tossed it aside. The paleness of her skin was like cream and he leaned forward and kissed her stomach. She tasted heavenly. His hands moved under her body to unclip her bra. Gently sliding the straps over her arms, he released her breasts and growled deeply at the sight of her. As he moved up her body, he trailed kissed over her skin, making Alana cry out softly at the touch of his lips.

Alana could feel every minute sensation of his lips on her skin. Pleasure overtook her senses as he moved higher to her breast and she moaned at the delight bearing down on her clit. It throbbed at each brush of his lips. Moving closer to her breasts, she watched as he took one hard bud into his mouth, sucking hard. The warm sensation against her sensitive skin mixed with the gently pain caused her pussy to spasm and Alana cried out his name.

Jonah loved to feel her rock hard nipple against his tongue. He licked and sucked at her breast, feeling the tension of her skin. Her pleasure was his driving force as he ground his hard length against her pussy. He could feel her heat through her clothes and it drove his mind wild. His hand encased the soft skin close to his face and he squeezed, pushing the bud further into his mouth. He wanted to taste more of her. Releasing her, he moved over to her other breast and gave it the same intense attention. Pulling hard, he sucked and licked as he felt the vibration of her moan against his mouth. He could hear the pleasure she felt and it made his cock throb more intensely.

“Tell me you want me to touch you all over. Tell me you want it as bad as I do.” Jonah moved lower down her body as he grasped the top of her jeans and pulled gently to remove them. Pulling at her boots, he slid the jeans from her feet.

“I need to feel your mouth all over me. Please Jonah, I need to feel you.” Alana found it hard to speak through her breathlessness.

Jonah stared at Alana’s silky, creamy thighs and slowly ran his hands in circles toward her beautiful pussy. The soft satin covering of her underwear felt smooth under his hands as he trailed his fingers over the soft line of her crease. Jonah ran his fingers inside the top of her underwear and pulled them down her long slim legs. As he knelt at the end of the bed he growled deeply. The sight of her bare had his heart hammering and his cock straining to be inside her. He leaned forward, inhaling her sweet scent.

“Open up for me, beautiful.” Jonah kissed the inside of her thigh, pushing them further apart to give him room.

Alana could feel his breath inches away from her. The nerves of her clit fired with anticipation as she grasped at the covers above her head. He’d told her not to touch him, to concentrate on the pleasure he was giving her but her mind spiraled at each delectable touch of his mouth. Alana gasped as his tongue licked across her clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked hard, making Alana cry out his name. The carnal pleasure that shot though her body had her tensing, begging for more as he licked and sucked harder.



Abbie Carlisle lives in Kent, England with her wonderfully understanding husband and 3 children. She spends every spare hour either with her family or, with the immense support from her twin sister, her other passion ‘writing’. For years she had dreamed of writing her own paranormal novel and then her first novel was born. Come visit ‘The Order of the Mist’ at


A little bit more about me!


I love reading and my favourite Authors are Laurann Dohner, Lara Adrian and JR Ward. After reading many of their novels, I decided to start writing my own paranormal novel ‘Elijah’s Vow’ in early 2014. It took me about 5 months to write and it astounded me how the characters and the storyline developed as I wrote.


The idea first began one night with just the hero but before I knew it, I had planned the storylines for the entire series. My second book in the series ‘Jonah’s Salvation’ was released on 3rd February, 2015 and Jonah's book delves into the life of Elijah’s second in command. It's full of emotional conflict, love and passion.


Working full-time means I have to organise my time effectively and find it’s at the end of the day that I finally get to sit and spend time writing.


I’ve met many amazing Authors since publishing Elijah’s Vow and Jonah’s Salvation, and their support has been invaluable. Writing both books has been an emotional roller-coaster of pride, joy and anxiety (especially on release day!) and I hope that my book brings as much enjoyment for readers as it has been for me writing it.


Interview Questions:

Please tell us about your latest book.


Jonah’s Salvation is about Jonah, Elijah’s second in command and his life has been tormented with pain and suffering. He has no desire to have a female in his life, but has been plagued with memories from his past about a female he met while in captivity. Coming face to face with her again brings back memories of his suffering, but it also brings the chance to find love and passion. She must learn to trust him and he has to learn to forgive her. It’s the only way they can find a future together.


Why did you decide to write romance novels?


Having read many romance novels by my favourite authors, I decided I wanted to create my own world full of conflict and passion. Life brings with it many struggles and to be able to escape into a world where love conquers over adversity is a wonderful escape.



What can we expect from you in the future?


The Order of the Mist series will consist of a further 12 books which will delve into the lives of the Lords of The Mist. I have also written the first novel of a new series which is still in the editing stages. The new series is about of group of males who have never experienced life in the outside world. They have been created different, and the fear of their introduction could change the worlds view on humanity forever. They must learn to love, accept who they are, and find a way to live peacefully. As with all of my novels, there will be love, passion and conflicts to overcome.


Do you allow readers to contact you? If so, how do they reach you?


I love to hear from readers and other authors. I am privileged to be part of a group called Triple Threat Romance and can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Details about my books can be found at my website and readers can contact me through my contact page.


What are some of the most memorable questions/comments?


I’ve had lots of interesting questions from readers such as what has been my biggest fear? What is my favourite song? A lot of questions have been who inspired me to write paranormal romance books? Answers: I’m really afraid of heights. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite song as I like so many, but my favourite artist is Ellie Golding. Who inspired me to write would have to be Laurann Dohner (love her books).


How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?


Writing paranormal genre allows you to put in some personal life experiences but it can also allow you the freedom to be creative. I love being able to create personalities for characters that are fun and interesting but also dark and mysterious.


Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?


I don’t have a schedule as such, I just write whenever I get the chance. In between family and work, I usually get to write at the end of the day when it’s peaceful.


What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries?


I love to relax by reading my Kindle where I have lots of my favourite author’s books. I usually start reading and keep going until I’ve read the whole series.





Links where you can find me:


Website -

Email - [email protected]

Buylink -

Facebook -

Twitter - @abbie_carlisle

Yahoo group -/



Blog Host - Jacqueline Anne

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Today I have joining me a beautiful lady Jaqueline Anne once again to discuss her long awaited release Awakening the Willow's Heart.


I have had the honour of reading this book prior to release and ts so beautifully written and full of frustrations of two people that clearly love each other, but feel they cannot be together. GC

Awakening the Willow's Heart Synopsis


Coming from a troubled home where no one loves her, Miya Jenkins turns to the only people who ever cared – the Walkers. Her best friends, Cate and Caden, always have her back and their parents treat her like a second daughter. She’s smart, dedicated to her education, and focused on success. Miya learns to trust her instincts and never relinquish control, all while enjoying what life and men have to offer. Trust is a hard thing to come by for Miya, and she refuses to open up her heart. Like the willow tree under which she lost her innocence, she bends but doesn’t break.


Caden Walker – always there for her, always protective, always a comfort, but wanting more.


Miya refuses to reveal her inner self, not even to him, and she’s not willing to sacrifice their friendship. She wants a normal life, to feel anchored in the safety of someone’s arms, but she wonders if anyone can ever tear down the high walls built around her heart. Is it possible the walls already began to crumble beneath that willow tree? Will all of her successful endeavors lead her to the one she thought most unattainable?


Story Excerpt:


“So? What now? Did you think of something?”


“Yeah. Get your coat and boots on.”


“Why? Where are we going?” I stood up from the couch wondering what he had planned. The last thing I really wanted to do was go out in the cold.


“Just trust me. Bundle up, okay?”


When we reached the entryway, we grabbed our winter garb. I put my scarf and hat on too. Caden opened the door, bag in hand, and he indicated for me to exit first. It was just after eleven o’clock at night. There was about two inches of snow on the ground.


“Where are we going?” I asked him again as he closed the door behind us. “It’s late and very cold.”


“Are you cold already?”


“No, not at the moment but it is cold out, and I am sure I will be freezing soon.”


He grabbed my hand and we strolled down the lighted sidewalk together. The Christmas lights on the houses were breathtaking. Some of the houses were pitch black inside obviously a sign of everyone all nestled in their beds waiting for Santa to come. Still, others were all lit up in the midst of parties. Some had a few lights on. I wondered if they were parents getting ready for the next morning.


“Penny for your thoughts?”


Just because I was thinking about something didn’t mean I wanted to share it. I sighed. Caden squeezed my hand and looked at me waiting for an answer. “I was just picturing the moms and dads putting presents under the trees for their kids, and then how happy the kids would all be in the morning when they came downstairs to see all the surprises.”


We were walking toward the park. “Miya, you are going to have that someday too.”


“It would have been nice to have it when I was little. As for the future, I don’t think so, Caden. It’s not for me. It’s not what I know.”


He pulled my hand, halting me, and turning me around to face him. “And why not? Don’t you want that kind of life someday?”


“Ah, see that is where the difference between wanting and being capable of having come into play.”


“You can have anything you want, Miya. You just have to want it. Don’t ever want anything less because you think you aren’t capable of it. You are stronger and smarter than that.”


I turned away and continued walking with him in silence. All I could think about were the Christmases I had growing up. For me, they were just another day on the calendar. There was one thing though. Somehow, every Christmas morning, there was a present waiting on the front porch for me. I wasn’t sure who it was from or how it got there. When I was little, I always pretended Santa left it there instead of inside since we never had a tree. As I got older, it remained a puzzle. I never questioned it aloud, but I was always grateful for the surprise.


Once we got to the park, Caden opened up the bag and pulled out a blanket. He set it under the weeping willow tree, the same weeping willow tree under which I lost my virginity — to him. I smiled at him.


“What are you doing?” A quiet, nervous laugh escaped me. I tried to control the butterflies in my tummy, but my best friend’s sweet gestures were getting to me. My mind and body had to stay on the same playing field. He is my best friend, I reminded myself.


“We’re having a picnic.” He went about setting everything up.


“You do realize that it is really late, in Ohio, in December and -” I looked up at the sky as the snowflakes started falling lightly on my face. “And it’s snowing.”


“Yep.” He patted a spot on the blanket next to him, and then handed me a thermos. I took a sip of the delicious hot chocolate just the way his mom made it.




“Good, huh? I put ten mini marshmallows in it, just like you like it.” He took a sip of his own.


“Perfect.” I took another sip. I don’t know how I came to prefer that number of marshmallows. When I was little, I always thought ten was the perfect amount. The warm treat felt so good traveling down my throat, warming my insides. “What else you got in there?” I tried peeking into the bag, but he was already digging some goodies out.


“Cheese and crackers, and cookies too.”


“Well, look at you, Caden Walker. If we weren’t best friends, I would think this a very romantic date.” My words served as a reminder for myself, and for Caden. We were best friends and I did not want anything to change.


He sighed with a grin, leaned up against the tree pulling me close. He pressed a kiss to the top of my head. We sat there for a while just taking in our surroundings, and enjoying our hot chocolate and snacks.


Then Caden finally spoke. “I know you are still thinking about what I said, and I will say it again and again if I need to. You just have to want it, Miya.”


Author's Bio


Struggling through health issues, I discovered my love for reading romances. Writing then became my escape and in some ways, a depiction of my spirit. I enjoy creating strong female characters that overcome hardships, reflecting on some of my own adversities, trials, and triumphs. The relationships are sweet and sexy with characters who embody discovery, lust, trust, happiness, and love.


I lead a full and exciting life in Northeast Ohio. I love to bake, create, workout, dance, and read. I truly believes everything happens for a reason. My life can attest to that. Work hard. Play hard. Live life to the fullest each and every day, doing it all in a pair of 4" heels ;). Who says you can't have it all?

Other books by Jaqueline Anne


Email: [email protected]



Amazon Author:




Blog Host - Sara Anderson 2

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Today I have joining me on my blog a very good peronal friend of mine, Sara Anderson, a multi-published author with Siren Publishing from USA. She writes M/F Sci-fi Erotic Romance with an occasional MFM Menage thrown in to stir it up a bit.


Sara is the author of the Warriors of Dareen Series which has its fifth book in the series published today.

While out walking Breann stumbles upon Malderan slavers that are kidnapping a young woman. She barely escapes and the police officer she reports the incident to doesn’t believe her. Once she is safely home, she uses her skills in computer forensics to investigate. She draws the attention of those who do not want their evil alliance exposed.

Brant is on Earth to find and stop those that are kidnapping human females to sell into slavery. During his investigation he learns that a human female has witnessed an abduction. Brant knows he must find her before either the Malderan or the human allies they work with can make sure she never identifies them.

When he finds her, he never expects to feel such a strong desire to claim her as his own bonded. Malderan and their human allies want her eliminated though. Can he keep her safe and stop any more human females from being abducted?



Breann could see why she was scared to go home by herself. It was a very dark, long and twisted driveway. She sighed seeing it was uphill as well. She was very out of shape, and dreaded walking up that hill. “Well, let’s get you home.”


Aubrey looked to be feeling better being so close to home and she pulled her into the dark driveway.


Breann could feel herself breathing hard as they made their way up the hill. There were woods on either side of the driveway, but that wasn’t uncommon in this area. There was a lot of forested areas in Washington. Breann heard a noise that made her pause. Aubrey noticed it as well and gripped her hand harder. She made it over the rise and saw men in monster costumes wandering in the front yard. One of them was carrying a young woman over his shoulder. Her arms hung limply and she was not struggling.


Aubrey let out a cry, “Aunt Melly. Those men in masks have Aunt Melly?”


Breann did her best to quiet Aubrey, but she continued to cry. They all stopped and turned to look towards her. Breann knew she didn’t want their attention. There were no signs of emergency vehicles around so they were not police or paramedics.


One grated out a response that Breann did not recognize as any language she had ever heard before and pointed in her direction. Two of the men broke away from the others and headed towards her. They spoke to each other, but again she did not understand a word of it. She knew several languages and what they spoke was not anything she had ever heard before.


“Aubrey, run into the woods and don’t come out.”


“But I’m scared.”


“Run. Go now and do not stop. There is a fire station not far from here. Go there and tell them you need help.” Breann shoved the frightened girl in the direction of the fire station.


Aubrey let out a frightened cry as she turned and ran into the woods as Breann had instructed.


Hoping it would draw attention away from Aubrey, Breann yelled, “Hey you.” She waved her arms to gain their attention then ran in the opposite direction. She let out a scream as she ran. “Help! Help us. Fire. Fire!” She screamed knowing that was the best way to attract attention instead of screaming about monsters. It seemed to have worked since she could hear heavy breathing and someone rushing through the brush behind her. She pulled out her phone and swiped the screen without looking at it. It was so hard to get the right screen up, and run at the same time.


The keypad finally appeared and she hit 911. When she heard the operator answer “911, how may I direct your call?”


“I am being chased by men who kidnapped a woman.” She screamed into the phone.


She could not stop or take time to try and explain where she was. She simply prayed that the police department here was able to trace her phone and find her. She shoved the phone in her pocket and continued screaming “fire,” and running.


She stumbled over every unseen tree root and stick laying on the ground. Now that the attackers were right behind her she was not so sure she had come up with a great plan.


A large hand landed on her shoulder. She tried to put in a burst of speed, but another hand grabbed her hair. She jerked to a painful halt.


“Help me! Someone please help me.” She screamed, then a large fist crashed into her face. She was stunned into silence for a moment before she let out another cry. The large man continued to snarl at her in some strange language. She shook her head even more frightened by how strange his language was. It didn’t sound human. She screamed again hoping someone was close that could help her. He balled up his fist and hit her hard. She dropped her phone and remembered she still carried her gun. She pulled it out and pointed it at the evil looking bastard and fired. Dark purple blood splattered everywhere. Breann stood there in stunned shock for a moment. This was not red blood. She poked at the dead man’s face to see what he looked like under the mask. He wore no mask. Her entire body shook with shock and fear. This was impossible. She heard a roar of another one of those things moving towards her. Terror gripped her until she heard the faint siren drawing closer. The police had been called. Aubrey had made it safely to the fire station. Breann turned and ran towards the road. She would have stayed to guard the scene, but that monster was coming closer. She did not want to chance another encounter with one of those things. Her face was still throbbing from the dead one.

Starlight the first book, introduces the series.

Kara Johnson has learned the hard way that she will always be alone. Her father died, and the man she thought she loved cheated on her. She has built walls around her heart to make sure no one can harm her again. Then a sexy FBI Agent shows up at the sheriff’s department where she works and turns her world upside down. She spends her days fantasizing about all the ways he could force her to submit to him, not believing he would ever be interested in her.

Joran is on earth hunting his enemy. He sees Kara, and suddenly she is all he can think about. He wishes he could keep her, but their laws are clear that humans must remain unaware of their existence. When Kara is attacked, Joran is forced to reveal himself. Joran gets his wish to keep Kara for his own. He uses dominance and his alien senses of truth seeking and empathy to win her heart.

I have just started reading this series and already I can't put it down and the 2 main characters have only just met! (GC)

Starlight is avaliable from Siren and from an Amazon near you now, along with all four other titles in Warriers of Dareen series.



 or Amazon

A little about Sara Anderson

I was born in a suburb of Chicago, but I lived in many states before settling in rural Missouri.

I wrote my first story in elementary school. The first time, the assignment was to write at least two sentences for the four pictures the teacher gave us. My imagination ignited, and I wrote pages instead of just a few sentences. I still remember the teacher pulling me aside after class and telling me how impressed she was with the story I wrote.

I met my husband in Colorado Springs when he was stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. We had only been dating a short time before we were inseparable. Mutual friends started making bets about when we would marry. To thwart their bets, we picked a day no one had bet on. We have been happily married for over 20 years, so although we married on a bet, we both came out the winners.

I am now a stay at home mother to my 3 children. When I am not playing with my children, I can be found writing a romance story.

I write romance stories with happy endings. I love a story with some suspense, but the hero arrives just in time.

Visit my blog at

Email me at [email protected]

A little Q&A sess with Sara.

Q: Why do you write?

A: First, because I love to. Even when I knew only a few people would see my story, I still wrote. It is more than something I do in my free time. I get a story idea in my head, and soon the characters start coming alive. That is when I sit down and start writing a story.

Q: When do you find time to write with 3 children?

A: I spend my morning with them making sure they are fed and happy. I will get a bit of writing in before I have to stop to care for my baby. Once she is again happy, I will write a little bit more before I have to stop and try to put the house back together and cook dinner before my husband gets home. Once he is home and fed, I get a chance to write even more. I end up using nap time as a time to clean, read, or just sit in peace and quiet for a little while. Every now and then, if I have something I am excited about typing, I will work through nap times, but mostly they are my break times.

Q: What made you write your first book?

A: The first time I wrote a book, I got an idea in my head. Then I was hearing conversations in my head. Soon, as I did my work around the house, I was seeing how the story in my head played out. I decided to sit down and type it out. At the time, I thought I would write a few paragraphs, and I would lose the story. I ended up writing a book. I was so proud of myself, and that kept me writing.

Q: What advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

A: Keep writing! Even if you do not think you are a good author, do not give up. The more you write, the better you will become. Another thing to do is read. The more you read, the more you will see how to write a good story. When I get stuck, I pick up a favorite book and read for a while.

Q: What's the hardest part about writing a book?

A: Grammar. I am not that great at it. The second hardest part is getting the quiet time to write. Some days, it just does not happen. I have to set my laptop aside and remember that my story will be there later, but my children will not keep.

Q: What made you choose science fiction?

A: I have always loved science fiction. Even as a child my favorite cartoons were Transformers and X-Men. Later, I fell in love with Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Wars.... To this day, science fiction remains one of my favorite genres. If it has a sci-fi or comic book theme, then I have most likely seen the movie.

Q: Do you ever see yourself writing in a different genre/leaving romance? What would it be?

A: Yes, I do. I can see myself writing paranormal, crime drama erotic stories set in rural and small town settings. Living among cattle ranchers gives me a lot of experience with rural life.

Q: If you were to write a book and use yourself as the main character, what qualities would she have?

A: She would love to cook and bake. She would always try to see the bright side of things and not let the bad times get her down, but learn from them.

Q: What are some of your favorite books?

A: Cherise Sinclair, Tracy St. John, Lexi Blake, and Sierra Cartwright are some of my favorites. I have never read a disappointing book from any of them.

Q: How long does it take you to write?

A: About four weeks to complete a fifty-thousand-plus word count story, then another two weeks of editing and revising before I am ready for my beta readers to read it..

Blog Host - Mackenzie Williams

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Today I have joining me on my blog Mackenzie Williams who is celebrating the release of her new book Once Bitten, Twice Seduced which is the first book in a new series Revenants which is a M/F Erotic Publication by Siren Publishing.

After catching her boyfriend cheating, Addison Mitchell needs to get away from everything for a while. Her life changes forever when she is attacked by a mysterious person or creature in the forest. Luke Stone comes to her rescue and saves her. Things only get more complicated from there.


Addison soon realizes that her attacker was a vampire, or Revenant, as they call themselves. Luke tries to help and guide her through her recovery but his girlfriend, Brooklyn, isn't happy about the situation. Ultimately, Addison runs from Luke's place but when she tries to return to her old life, she realizes that she needs Luke.


Luke's identical twin brother, Gabe, soon comes into the picture and decides he wants Addison for his own. Brooklyn leaves but not for long. She returns to reclaim Luke. Can Addison and Luke ever truly have the life they desire?

other books by Mackenzie can be found here