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Blog Host - Bella Settarra

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 12:15 AM

Today I have Bella Settarra joining me talking about her new release Red Night Wrangler, the second book in The Men of Moone Mountain Series.


Red-Light’ Wrangler by Bella Settarra

‘The Men of Moone Mountain’ Book 2


Can a bad reputation hide a good heart?


After realizing everyone he has been with only wanted him for his money, Rich Buchanan, the billionaire’s son, gives up the dream of a serious relationship and gets his kicks sleeping around. He prefers men, but he only brings home women, since his father would be horrified to find out Rich was gay. But secrets are hard to keep among the rich, and his antics soon earn him the nickname “The Red-Light Wrangler” when people discover that money exchanges hands whenever he sleeps with a guy.

When Nate Walker starts work as Assistant Foreman at the Buchanan Ranch, his good looks and gorgeous body immediately pique Rich’s interest. And despite the gossip, Nate can’t help falling for him, either. But when Rich’s cousin Joey decides to blackmail Rich to pay off his debts, he soon realizes he could get much more out of the situation. Outing his gay cousin and causing a rift between Rich and his father could be just the thing to secure his own position as Frank Buchanan’s sole heir.

Rich has no one to turn to but his lover. But Nate has secrets of his own, and his reasons for being at the ranch are not entirely honorable...


Story Excerpt


“Sorry to hear about your dad, Rich.” Kent Freeman, the Deputy Sheriff, stood there with a grim expression on his face. “Mind if I come in?”

Rich stood back, allowing the tall, handsome guy into his house. He had expected him to go straight into the office, but Kent turned into the sitting room where his eyes went directly to the small table. Shit!

Rich felt his stomach lurch as Kent stared down at the note. “This arrive today?”

“Yeah. I just found it in the mailbox.” Rich frowned. He had expected Kent to be surprised by the note, but he seemed to take it in his stride.

“Mind if I get it fingerprinted?” Kent asked, not even touching the paper.

Rich shrugged. “Be my guest. You know who it’s from?”

Kent sighed as he put on a glove before placing the note in a plastic bag he pulled from his back pocket. “Do you?”

“I’ve got my suspicions,” Rich replied.

“Let me guess. Your cousin Joey or Cole Jackson?”

Rich gawped at him. “How in hell do you know that?”

“You should’ve come to us right at the beginning,” Kent admonished. “Could’ve saved everyone a lot of time and trouble.”

“You took Cole Jackson in about the poisoning, said you couldn’t pin anything on him,” Rich reminded him. “Anything after that would just sound like sour grapes.”

“We didn’t know about your cousin trying to blackmail you. Or Dan Robertson’s involvement.” Kent looked at him, shaking his head.

Rich sighed. “Kent, you know how it is. I’m gay, man. Dad’ll go mad if he finds out. I’ll lose everything.” He slumped into the nearest armchair, and Kent followed suit in the one opposite.

“Being gay ain’t a crime, Rich, but blackmail is. And so is poisoning horses.”

“I know, but Dad won’t see it that way. He’ll disown me, I know he will. Joey knows it, too.”

“That’s what he’s banking on,” Kent agreed. “But you’ve lost half your livestock because of this. And if you can’t prove you didn’t do it yourself you won’t even get the insurance pay out.”

Rich took a swig of his whiskey. “So, will this prove I didn’t do it?” He gestured to the note which the deputy had put in his pocket.

Kent Freeman shook his head. “Nope. I’m afraid it just gives you a motive.”




Bella Settarra Biography

Bella Settarra began writing for a living on 1st January 2014 after having to give up her full-time job due to the after-affects of breast cancer. She has always had a positive outlook and saw this as an opportunity to do what she really wanted to do with her life - write.

She has always enjoyed writing but had never actually submitted anything for publication before. After undergoing a rather gruelling and depressing medical procedure, her husband agreed to take her to a reader-writer event, which is where she met lots of other authors who encouraged her to try writing for a publisher. The event, aptly named ‘Smut by the Sea’ was mainly for authors of Erotic Romance and Erotica, something Bella had never contemplated writing before. However, on the long journey home she started to write a short story which grew into a novella. An author-friend offered to critique the first chapter for her and told her to send it to a publisher as she thought it was really good. The book was accepted shortly after and ‘Last of the Sirens’ became the first novel of a series of six!

After that series, ‘Sirens and Sailors’, she went on to write Cowboy Romances, which she loves. She currently has two cowboy series, ‘The Men of Moone Mountain’, and the more conventional ‘Midnight in Montana’.

Although still writing her cowboy stories, she wanted to write a story about people who work in a restaurant, which is a subject close to her heart. When she was younger, Bella wanted to go to University to study English in order to become a writer, but was told she couldn’t go, so was persuaded to go to the local Catering College instead. Although she didn’t much enjoy cooking, she loved working in the restaurant and went on to get several waiting on jobs before running a restaurant herself. She loved the camaraderie of the staff, and the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of waiting on. She has finally combined both her loves by writing a series, ‘Collar and Cuffs’ which follows the staff working in the restaurant of a swanky BDSM club – sex and food, what more can you ask for? LOL ;) The first book in this series, ‘Waiting on Summer’ released on 13th February 2015.

She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them, and would love readers to connect with her at or on facebook.

Bellas Bio



Bella lives in the beautiful Shropshire countryside in the grounds of a large arable farm. Living in an old, haunted housed means that her housework is never done as the ghost keeps moving things around – the bedroom isn’t the only place where things go bump in the night ;)

Open top cars and country music are among Bella’s favourite things and her fondness of shopping is only surpassed by her love of Châteauneuf-du-pape.

She has always written stories and poems, but only started to write professionally in 2013 when she had to give up work as the long hours were not conducive to the after-effects of her breast cancer. Not one to give up, Bella saw the career change as a golden opportunity to follow her life-long dream of becoming an author, and has written a variety of novels including the “Sirens and Sailors” series (Siren Publishing) and “Ménage on Moone Mountain” (Etopia Press).

Her bi-line is “Relish in Raunchy Romance”, and her writing categories include M/F Romance, M/M/ Romance, Ménage (M/F/M and M/M/F), and light BDSM. She writes in various genres; her latest books are cowboy romances, whereas her previous series were futuristic/mythical stories. She is also currently working on a series centered on the staff working in a BDSM club.

Whatever the setting or genre, you can guarantee that in Bella’s books there will always be a certain amount of adventure, some humor along the way, lots of romance and, of course, some raunchy action in (or out of) the bedroom!

Bella would love to hear from her readers. Connect with her at:

[email protected]




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