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Blog Host - Suzy Shearer

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 11:55 AM

I have joining me once again Suzy Shearer. She had a new book out a few days ago entitled A Hunters Challenge, the third book in The Hunters series.



By Suzy Shearer

Book three of The Hunters


A Hunter’s Challenge is now available with a 15% discount until April 1st.



Win an autographed copy of A Hunter’s Choice (book 2 of The Hunters) - contest ends April 5th. )

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[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]

Anthanasius (Anthan) Vaduva has been alive too long. After more than four and half millennia, he had given up any hope of meeting his One and is tempted to walk into the sun.

Reluctantly agreeing to partner with Martin, another hunter, Anthan comes face to face with his pain and envy when Martin meets his One.

After helping Martin recover his One’s sister who has been taken by a strigoi, Anthan decides he’d had enough.

Will he finally end it all or will he wait and hope to finally meet the One destined for him all those thousands of years ago?


For 4,482 years he has hunted, he has slept—that’s it. His first hunt was when he was eleven years old. Now he is 4,493.

Too old.

Too long.

Too lonely.

That has been his life.

Early on, he used to dream, he used to hope but that hope has long gone. The temptation to walk into the sun is with him constantly.

Do you know? He reveals, I stay out longer and longer each day. The pain from the sun on my body is all that reminds me that I am still alive. Each time I rise I wonder if it will be the day I finally take one risk too many.

So he fights against those risks.

To stay that extra minute too long in the sun.

To drop his guard intentionally when he fights the strigoi.

At the moment he still constantly wages war with the strigoi but at the same time he also constantly wages it within himself. No one should have to live this long alone. He is afraid that if he were ever to meet his One, he could never return the love given. All his emotions are lost so deeply within that he doubt they even exist anymore. In fact, he has reach a point where he doesn’t think it would be fair to her or him—to love someone who could not love in return.

So now he thinks maybe it’s better to end it all now.

What chance does he have?


Yet once again he rises.

Once again he hunts.

Once again he battles within his heart and soul. Each day passes, each one the same—as the millennia flow past him.

And each time he wakes he wonders who will win this day, this month, this year, this century?

He confesses to himself, How much longer can I do this?


* * * *


Martin walked in and kissed Avril’s cheeks.

“ Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Avril.”

“ Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Martin.”

“Come sit. It’s good to see you.”

“You look even more beautiful Avril, a Hunter’s life suits you.”

“Thank you. It’s good to see you again, Martin.”

She led him to a comfortable chair on the balcony overlooking the distant mountains. She and Viorel were living in their house in Piteşti, Romania. Viorel walked in, Martin stood and greeted him.

“ Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Viorel.”

“ Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Martin.”

Martin sat back down on the chair. Viorel sat nearby, pulling a smiling Avril onto his lap and kissing her cheek.

“How were your parents?”

“They’re both good.” Martin shook his head wryly. “My mother is talking about having another child and my Dad thinks she is crazy but in the end she’ll win.”

“Knowing your mother I’d have to agree. Did you visit your relations as well?”

“Yeah I spent a week with my great uncle, at least that’s what I call him.”

Martin grinned to himself when he thought about the old man. He was a descendant of Martin’s father’s brother. He was in his late eighties and complained he was getting older. He would call Martin by his true name, Omasekew, which meant “a fighter” in Cree. The old man would make Martin do things for him, telling the others that Martin had young feet while his were so ancient. Martin loved it.

The old man knew the truth and the pair laughed together when they were alone. To Martin “Uncle” was a baby. Only a few members of the tribe knew what Martin really was. Many thought he was a piyêsiw, a “thunderbird,” sent to watch over them. It made sense as he would often arrive as a bird and had destroyed a strigoi that had been preying on the people using a lightning bolt. They believed his father had married a piyêsiw-iskwêw “thunderbird woman” and that was how Martin came to be.

“The old man looks so frail. The tribe look up to him, I know it will be hard for them when he leaves. It will be hard for me and Dad.”

It saddened him to leave knowing the old one would not live for many more years.

“That’s the worst part of being a Hunter, losing so many friends and relations over the eons,” Viorel said sadly. “And it just doesn’t get any easier with the passing years either.”

The two men sat thoughtfully, both lost in thoughts of family and friends long gone. Avril wondered how she would cope when her mother passed. She didn’t have any other family alive and her mother meant the world to her.

They were all silent for a while, relaxing in the early evening twilight. The sun had set over the distant Ciucaş Mountains. Viorel broke their reverie.

“That strigoi in Smokey Hills was rather active wasn’t it?”





Suzy is single and lives in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She is an author, an artist, a computer nerd and a voracious reader. She has a penchant for crazy coloured hair - pinks, purples even rainbowed .... it changes every month - oh yes, and for tattoos!

Her heroines are always rubinesque women who are proud of their curves and the books always feature older heroes and heroines; ranging from mid 40s to 60s.

"Just because we are older doesn't mean we aren't intriguing, desirable, open to challenges and willing to experiment." Suzy wants her readers to understand that sexy isn't just for the under 30s ... lol

When not writing, she is usually painting - an accomplished watercolour Artist. Her subjects range from portraits and animals to nudes and landscapes.


A Hunter’s Challenge is now available with a 15% discount until April 1st.



E-BOOKS The Club: Bound The Club 2: Uncollared

OUT NOW The Club 3: Waxed The Club 4: Displayed

The Club 5: Submit The Club 6: Unmasked

Daemons Are Forever Build a Love

A Hunter's Heart - Book 1 The Hunters A Hunter’s Choice - Book 2 The Hunters

Whipped Delights - Book 1 Dark Desires Craving Her Master - Book 2 Dark Desires

A Hunter’s Challenge - Book 3 The Hunters



Vol 1 - The Club (Bound and Uncollared)

Daemons Are Forever

A Hunter’s Heart

A Hunter’s Choice

PRINT Vol 2 - The Club (Waxed and Displayed) (due Mar/Apr 2015)

RELEASES Vol 3 - The Club (Submit and Unmasked) (due Jun/Jul 2015)

DUE DATES Build a Love (due June/July 2015)

Whipped Delights (due Sept/Oct 2015)

Craving Her Master (due Dec 2015)

A Hunter’s Challenge (due Dec/Jan)



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Bookworld (Aust): Bookworld


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